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Hiatal Hernia? Medications not helping? Get answers on a new effective treatment that works fast to help you feel better fast.

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Gee Doc do you think that I need a new mattress? My back is really sore when I get up each morning? This is one of the most common questions I get. Want to hear more about this topic? Click the link below. Have a great day - Dr Brian McKay Core Health Darien

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Right now more people are having neck and shoulder issues probably from working at home. Face it your kitchen table is not ergonomic. You may even be having trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep at night. Here is the link for more information about neck pain and how chiropractic can help no...

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Knee Pain After Total Knee Replacement?

It would certainly be terrific to believe you obtain a glossy new knee finishing your chronic knee discomfort, enabling you to resume an active way of life. However wait there is some post-operative pain that sometimes doesn't get better. Below is why arth...

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Tennis elbow? Plantar Fasciitis? Knee Pain? Can extracorporeal shock wave therapy help you? Read more about this soft tissue technique on our main site. Click learn more

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Most people are correct when they say that the muscles are hurting when you have low back pain. There is a small yet powerful muscle called the multifidus, it helps stabilize and move your spine. It could be the missing link to solving your lower back pain, Read more click the learn more now tab

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a month ago
I am so thankful for the superior treatment and the overall experience that I received from Core Health Darien. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Brian McKay and his team. Every time I have been there for treatment, I felt important and cared about. Dr. Brian has a great heart and he really loves helping patients to succeed and to feel better. I have stated already that everyone at Core Health Darien is truly amazing, but they also have superior treatment technologies, that will do magic on your ailments. So, by going here you will have the best Doctor and staff in this medical field, you will have the best state of the art equipment, so if any medical office will make you feel better, then look no further then Core Health Darien. My story: I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic a while ago, and the horse-riding place that I went to, took me on a dangerous trail, my horse tripped on sharp rocks and flew me forward into the air and I landed on my right shoulder and nec...
- Anthony V
3 months ago
Dr Brian and everyone at Core Health are amazing! They truly care about helping you get better. I’m so happy I found them!
- Nicole Y
a year ago
I highly recommend making an appointment at Core Health if you are someone suffering from headaches or have pain. I have had headaches for years and decided to finally do something about it. Dr. McKay is outstanding and was able to identify issues in my neck, which were causing my headaches. After multiple visits, I now rarely experience a headache! Overall, the staff at Core Health is amazing, everyone is very welcoming and all share the same goal of trying to help you!
- Jaclyn S

Core Health Darien Help When You Hurt

Chiropractic care is only part of what we offer at Core Health Darien. Dr.Brian McKay has 30 years of experience helping your back pain, neck pain, and headaches.
We feel that chiropractic care when combined with Physical Therapy is a potent combination when it comes to your pain. P.T. Ruben Carney has 25 years of experience.
Massage when you have pain is another tool in our tool box at Core Health Darien. Our L.M.T.  has fantastic magical hands to soothe your achy muscles.
  Spinal Decompression for low back pain. A great way to treat herniated discs. Core Health Darien was one of the first clinics to offer non-surgical spinal decompression. If you want your back to stay healthy spinal decompression is for you.
 Using a high powered near infra-red laser allows us to help your pain by shooting 1000's of joules of light energy where you hurt the most. We have found that laser for migraine headaches to be really effective. Laser therapy also called photobiomodulation allows for greater production of cell energy. Does your chiropractor offer laser therapy?

 Twinges in the hinges? Knee pain? Just waiting until you get that bum knee replaced with total knee replacement surgery? We have the most advanced solution for eliminating your knee pain. Way too much to explain here. Call us 203-656-3636 and come learn about the Knee on Trac Solution.

 We did not invent it, the Chinese did. When your muscles get over worked the lactic acid pools in the muscle belly. This hinders the muscles ability to move your joint. Think of cupping as reverse massage. It pulls the lactic acid and toxins out of the muscles. This allows strained muscles to return to a normal tensile strength. Does your chiropractor offer cupping for sore muscles?

  Want to play tennis and not have elbow pain? Sure you can try steroid injections. Maybe the brace will take out some of the sting that Advil or Aleve doesn't get to. What you should do for your tennis elbow is to come and have us evaluate it. We have a great program to relieve your tennis elbow.

 I was lucky enough to learn from some terrific doctors. One of the most effective treatments for fixing hiatal hernia's was one of them. The hiatal opening in the diaphram get stuck and acid can come up into the esophagus. We know how to let the opening to close properly preventing the acid to get to your esophagus. You probably won't come here first when you get a hiatal hernia but you will be glad when you do come in.

 I may be bragging but, we do a great job on treating plantar fasciitis. We use cold laser to speed soft tissue healing. We use Graston to remove the painful adhesion's that irritate the fascia. Then we restore bio mechanical integrity with adjustment. This is a powerful combination that will eliminate your runner's heel pain.

 Soft tissue treatment to remove painful adhesion's. You have back pain. naturally you think it is the muscle causing it. And you are probably right. But did you ever stop and think what is happening to the muscle? The outer layer of the muscle is a nerve dense covering called the fascia. When a muscle has to work harder and harder over time the fascia gets restricted very much like scar tissue. The fascia contracts and develops pockets of adhesion's. They are quite painful and will not respond to Aleve or Advil. Graston is a soft tissue technique that erases the adhesions. This allows for pain free movement.

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